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Teamspeak 2 [Guide]

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Teamspeak 2 [Guide] Empty Teamspeak 2 [Guide]

Post by Untriggered on Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:04 pm


UPDATE: We have updated to TeamSpeak 3 but the principle is the same.


How to setup teamspeak 2 and connect to the SlaK Teamspeak server

1. First download TS2 Client Download

2. Then install it, just follow the on screen instructions.

3. Start the program and it will look something like this:
Teamspeak 2 [Guide] Ts2_bm10

4. Open the connection tab and choose connect.

5. It will bring up this window:
Teamspeak 2 [Guide] Ts311

Right click on the white field and click add server. Name label something like "SlaK TS" in adress write slak.no-ip.org
Fill out your nickname (Untriggered) then click connect.

Sound Settings
To Configure Teamspeak sound open the tab Settings and click Sound input/output settings.
Here you can chage the output volume and the voice activation level.

voice activation level. changes they volume level of input sound you must make for teamspeak to record.
Meaning if its high you will have to shout and if its low you can whisper.
You want to set this as high as possible but still be able to talk to filter out all other unnecessary noise (static).


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