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Useful Tips and Tricks

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Useful Tips and Tricks Empty Useful Tips and Tricks

Post by Untriggered on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:17 pm

Useful Tips and Tricks Tips_a10

Some basics about S&D good to read.

Exclamation First if you haven't already you have to enable the console.
Go to (1)Options (2) Game Options (3)Enable Console Arrow Yes
Useful Tips and Tricks 20100201_093fc86eff72673c557531yU54GJ6h9Y

Exclamation To bring up the console press the button beneath ESC

Useful Tips and Tricks Console-key
Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4-console
Exclamation When console is shown remove the ยง sign and write


Settings to improve gameplay:

Console commands:

Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v

Arrow /com_maxfps 125
Arrow /cg_fov 80
Arrow /cg_drawdecals 0
Arrow /maxpackets 100
Arrow /snaps 30
Arrow /r_drawsun 0
Arrow /cg_brass 0

Arrow /seta waypointiconheight "14"
Arrow /seta waypointiconwidth "14"

Makes the bombsite icons smaller to block less of the view.

Read what they do Here

You may be familiar with the quick swap, fast swap or glitch reload.
People switch weapon but cancel it by switching again. (dubble tap weapon switch button)

You can also bind a key to do this dubble tap with this command in console:

Arrow /bind key "weapnext; wait; wait; wait; weapnext"

Replace key with your choice of key recommended mouse button or z
E.g. /bind Mouse5 "weapnext; wait; wait; wait; weapnext"

This quick swap mostly used with Ak47 and 74-u allows you to cancel some animations (reload, pick up, switching weapon weapon)

Here is a tutorial i made:

For you lazy people i made a cfg which you can execute from console and these settings will be activated
Arrow Place cfg file in cod folder\main\
Arrow Start cod4
Arrow Open console and write /exec tips

Here is the file:

Weapons & Perks :
Statistically the best weapons of CoD4 would be the AK-47 with no attachment and Ak74-u with no attachment.

Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4AK-47

Accuracy: 6 / 12
Damage: 9 / 12
Range: 9 / 12
Fire Rate: 6 / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 30/60
Recoil: low/moderate cluster
Reload Time: 2.5 seconds / 3.25 empty
Damage: 30-40 / 20-40 SD
Range: 1500-2000 / 500-1000 SD
Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
Penetration: Medium / Large Bullet
Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
Hip Accuracy: Stand (3-7) / Crouch (2.5-6) / Prone (2-5)

Do not use an attachment for this weapon! It decreases the damage (30) (HC hp = 30) to 20 giving in HC no 1 shot kill.

Recommended perks
Arrow 1:st whatever you like
Arrow 2:nd Stopping Power
Arrow 3: Dead silence/deep impact

Useful Tips and Tricks 34q8k7a

Damage:20-40 (higher damage at short to medium range, little less damage at long)
Damage Multipliers:Head:1.4, Chest:1 Limbs:1
Magazine Size:30
Ammo Amount: 60 (without Bandolier). 180 (with Bandolier)
Range:750-1000m (350-700 When equipped with a Silencer)
Penetration:Medium (high with Deep Impact)

Do not use attachment with this weapon it decreases hip-fire accuracy (not down-aimed sight) to the level of an assault rifle.

This weapon is like the MP5, because they both have the same range, damage and rate of fire. Except the MP5 has lower recoil (but circular) and penetration.

Recommended perks
Arrow 1:st whatever you like
Arrow 2:nd Stopping Power
Arrow 3: Dead silence/Deep impact

Useful Tips and Tricks M40a3
In HC i recommend using the m40A1 over the Remington700. M40A1 has lower recoil, bigger clip size but lower damage. However the lack of damage isn't that significant in Hardcore since you don't have that much HP.

Recommended perks
Arrow 1:st Bandoleer, clays
Arrow 2:nd Stopping Power, Sleight of Hand, UAV jammer
Arrow 3:rd Dead silence, Deep impact

As a secondary weapon I suggest 2 guns.
Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4deserteaglegold
Powerful gun, relatively hard to aim with

Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4usp45
If you do not like the deagle this is your other choice. It does the same damage as the other guns but has a bigger clip size.


Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4-perk-uavjam

UAV-jammer Have 1 class with UAV-jammer when playing S&D

The thing is that you can switch class even some time in the round if you haven't used any ammo/nades. As the most less experienced players activates the UAV at the beginning of the round you can counter it by switching to a stealth class. Leaving you invisible at their radars.

Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4-perk-silence

Hopefully you know that sound is very important in cod4. If used correctly you can spot enemies without seeing them.
Dead silence makes it less likely that enemies hear you but as the perk says: you make less noise, not silent, therefor it is possible to hear dead silence depending on headset, sound card and settings.
Don't be surprised if someone hear you even though you have Dead Silence.

Note that there are many sounds that make sounds that makes it easier for you to spot enemies and vise versa. When you pickup a weapon, when you switch weapon (first swap to secondary is silent) jumps and landings. Be alert for these sounds.

Useful Tips and Tricks Cod4-perk-claymore
Claymores can be a useful perk but note that it is also considered as a bit nooby. However a tip is to use knife when you planted the claymore to cancel the end of the animation.

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