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Record Demo [CoD4]

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Record Demo [CoD4] Empty Record Demo [CoD4]

Post by Untriggered on Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:30 pm

How to record a demo in Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare

What do i need?
Exclamation All you need is the game
Exclamation No need for third part software (xfire, fraps)
Exclamation A couple of mb of disk space (5-20)

How do I record?
Exclamation First if you haven't already you have to enable the console.
Go to (1)Options (2) Game Options (3)Enable Console Arrow Yes
Record Demo [CoD4] 20100201_093fc86eff72673c557531yU54GJ6h9Y

Exclamation To bring up the console press the button beneath ESC

Record Demo [CoD4] Console-key
Record Demo [CoD4] Cod4-console
Exclamation When console is shown remove the ยง sign and write

/record "nameofthedemo"

Replace "nameofthedemo" with whatever you want the demo to be named. (if left empty it will be named demo0001)
The name of the recording will be shown down in the left corner.

Note by Wings: You cannot have space in the name. You've got to use _ or dot or whatever. Otherwise the recording wont start.
Note by UntriggeReD: You can use space in the name. You've got to use quotation marks at the beggining and end of the name like this:

"name of demo" ([quotation mark]name of demo[quotation mark])

Exclamation The demo will be saved in your CoD4 folder \main\demos\
and only take a couple of mb

Exclamation Note! If the demo was recorded during a match played under a specific mod. The demo will be saved in that mod folder.
E.g. modwarfare/demos/yourdemo

Then upload the demo file at a web-storage site or send them to either UnTriggeReD or WingsOfDomain over Skype/msn/mail

The simplest way of watching a demo is with a program called CoD4player, just open the file and cod will start playing the demo.

Record Demo [CoD4] Cod4player_1


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