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[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED]

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[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED] Empty [Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED]

Post by WingsOfDomain Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:23 pm

[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED] Slakbanner
Application/Presentation Template

EDIT: Applications are Closed at the Moment

Simply... Write who you are and why you want to join. You should post a demo of you playing some SnD (pub or cw) so we can determine if you got the experience to join. However this can be skipped if we already know you. The most important thing is that you treat EVERYONE in the clan with respect. If you do that you have a GREAT chance of being accepted. If we accept you, we will add you at our Garena clan (Doeod or NHJ), Xfire group (if you have) and SlaK group here at the forum to give you access to the tactic forums etc.

You can now proudly change your name and add the tag [SlaK] before it. You should get TeamSpeak3 (there is a link at the homepage and guide in bottom of this).

The following should be included more or less:

Speak English:
Favorite Weapon/Class/Perks/Maps
Previous CoD Experience:
Previous Clan Experience:
Do you got a microphone/Can join us at TeamSpeak?:

Contact Info:
Garena Name:

&.... and untriggered would like to know about your sex life so be sure you tell him...Very Happy

Post a new topic named Application: "Your name"
[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED] I_post

How to record a demo

Teamspeak Guide

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[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED] Empty Re: [Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED]

Post by Untriggered Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:15 pm

How to record a demo:
You do not need some 3rd part software like Fraps or Xfire. Call of Duty 4 has an inbuilt Record function and the recorded files only takes a couple of mbs.

To record a demo you must first enable the console if not already done (options/multiplayer options/enable console)

Then join a Snd game and open the console § (button left to 1 over caps lock and under esc on the keyboard)

When the Console is visible delete the § and write /record slak

NOTE! do not forget the / (Slash)
Down in the right corner it should say recording slak
this file will be saved in your cod folder/main/demos and be named slak

Upload the demo on the web (megaupload, 4shared.. or send it to some1 in the Clan over Skype, Msn.

I think the demos should be between 1 to 2 maps counting score limit at 12.

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Post by HaQrZ Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:49 pm

It is a big pluss if you are able to talk understandeble english in Team speak.
And be sure to tell us if thats the case! Team work comes out of comunication!


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[Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED] Empty Re: [Read First!] Application/Presentation [Template] [CLOSED]

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