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Map spots and tactics

Post by Untriggered on Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:26 am

I've made this thread to improve our defending tactics.
We die too fast, when defending our job is to defend the bombsites not to go crazy rush spree.
These pictures will hopefully bring some structure and prevent us from doing stupid mistakes like failtrains.

Made with GTactix

Strike: Defend Setup 1

Exclamation 1. Behind bombsite(stand): Cover statue/entrance to A with assault rifle. (smoke might be needed to access, watch out for nades)
Exclamation 2. Behind dumpsters (prone, lean): Cover entrance to B with smg or assault
Exclamation 2.(2) move here if activity in middle or in tower (you can see the window of right side of tower house)
Exclamation 3. Dumpsters behind grass (crouch) Cover entrance from Kebab (house left of tower house) in to A with assault rifle.
Exclamation 4. Sniper somewhere in spawn covering planthouse
Exclamation 5. (rusher) Plant House for e.g. but can also assist A or rush somewhere else

Exclamation This 1 has listed where nades should be thrown

Crash Defend

Exclamation 1. Cover B-long, Sniper
Exclamation 2. Cover bottom A, Assault
Exclamation 3. Second floor A, Watching blue house exit, Assault
Exclamation 4. First floor lamp house/Café, cover link (pillars alley)
Exclamation 5. First floor lam house/Café watching Bank. (depending on opponent, Go rush or assistance A)

Exclamation 1. Behind barrels, cover middle rushers from rush house hole. (smg)
Exclamation 2. B defender take a good spot ^^ ruins (place clays, assault)
Exclamation 3. Basement A (glich) see trough wall, cover entrance to A.
Exclamation 4. Prone, Cover middle entrance to A.
Exclamation 5. In fort or watch under fort or watch middle house.


Exclamation 1. (prone) Covers A long entrance to A (Usually me untri)
Exclamation 2. (prone or crouch) Covers Big A entrance, can stay hidden wait for activity
Exclamation 3. (crouch) Behind green box watch hallway
Exclamation 4 (Prone) Entrance to B (watch from desk)
Exclamation 5 rusher or smth

Exclamation 1. Behind desk crouch, Watch big entrance/ Outside rushers /snipers (Nade tower and if no activity big entrance watch tower)
Exclamation 2. First floor prone, cover jumpers from roof.
Exclamation 3. behind desk watching hallway (tower)
Exclamation 4. crouch in stairs, watch green hallway
Exclamation 5 rusher/ watch roof (care nades)

Good spots

Good overwatch (lean)


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